Potential Increase for SA Construction Sector

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Due to the fact that since 2009, the South African Construction Industry has been in a depression it has sometimes been difficult for a Construction Company to grow.

There have however been numerous businesses that have increased their performance in order to boost their productivity and profitability.

The Infrastructure plan, set up by the South African Government, shows great improvement in the construction industry as they plan to increase the rail network and ports.

The co-ordination and contribution from the construction sector will aid the infrastructure plan, which in return increases the sector's performance.

The investments and interest in the residential, business and infrastructure projects, increases the sector's chance for performance and growth.

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Re - evaluate your company – swot analysis

construction companiesWith the current decrease in the economy in construction sector, it is imperative that you reevaluate your business regularly. What makes SWOT especially effective for construction companies is that, with a little thought, it can help you reveal openings that you are all around put to abuse. What's more, by comprehension the shortcomings of your business, you can oversee and take out dangers that would some way or another catch you unprepared.

A swot analysis essentially entails 4 aspects: Considering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Below are some of the ways in which you can use it.

Strengths - Are building projects that your construction company does enormously well at and earns a better than traditional gross margin than give it an expertise over other contractors. What are they and how can your construction contracting corporation increase on them?

Weaknesses - Are building initiatives that your development enterprise does poorly at and breaks even or loses money. What are they and the way can your development contracting corporation flips them into strengths?

Possibilities - Are building projects and markets now not presently being served the place it's possible to your building enterprise to enter and switch them into strengths?

Threats - elements external your development enterprise that would motive quandary for you or your construction projects. What are they and how can your construction contracting company flip them into possibilities?

Competition in within construction companies is increasing and therefore a swot analysis is not optional.

Construction Economics

construction companiesConstruction economics is the manner of creating budgeting tactics for construction projects – from task initiation to the finishing touch – making sure that sustainable economic choices are made all through the assignment. This position is not just about tightening the budget and looking for low quality material, it additionally calls for a dexterous 'bigger image'. Each construction companies economist needs to know where spending wishes to be made to make sure the satisfactory feasible best sources are used for the duration of construction.

The role of economists in construction companies is all about stability. If a production economist is just too driven with regards to getting lowest prices then the construction mission may be completed on time , however at what cost? Using "Affordable resources " and "Special" construction techniques will have much weight on the quality of the entire project later on later. on the other hand if the construction economist is too cavalier approximately spending and wastes a variety of budget then the mission may in no way be completed at all. finances will simply dry up and the project will grind to a halt.

by using preserving a realistic approach to economic and money owed management the ce of the development venture can make sure the assignment runs easily and keep away from financial mismanagement.

What Makes a Successful Construction Company

construction companies pretoriaWhen trying to get your construction company in pretoria up and running , there are a few things to concentrate on, including: winning bids, creating working internal systems, and effectively accomplishing. With so much to get through, it is easy to loose track of your actual goals. Some amongst other things to consider in ensuring that you keep your goals in line are :

Proactive leadership

As the pioneer of your organization, it's essential that you assess what people really look for in terms of housing today, as well as what you think their needs will be tomorrow and align your company accordingly
Generally things in the construction industry change so quick that it's difficult to keep up. If by any chance you are not proactive in keeping up breast of development innovation, nobody will need to contract you.


It is essential to create meaningful relationships when doing business in general . The relations you create with different employees, suppliers, entrepreneurs, managers, and your sales representatives will influence the success of your organization.

Through years of experience, Amoya Construction has mastered the art of attending to clients building and construction needs year in and year out.

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The Role of a Foreman in Construction

construction companyConstruction areas have all the earmarks of being disorganized areas with workers performing tasks from carpentry to water piping systems installations to electricity installation. They are loaded with tools, equipment and supplies. construction company Foremen are the project managers who guarantee that work there is done safely and effectively. These individuals must be experienced in construction and administration and compelling communicators to play out the obligations of the employment.

Foremen manage sites. This incorporates arranging work for the day and allotting specialists to essential tasks.


The foreman must guarantee a protected environment for the specialists. He should know and uphold the important safety measures under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.

Quality Assurance

The foreman must screen work around the site to guarantee it is quality work that will pass the required examinations.


The foreman records the work finished, including hours worked and materials utilized on every part of the venture.

Our construction company is staffed with skilled foreman with over years of experience. For assistance with your construction project, give us a call on 012 940 9959

Amoya has the skills and expertise to: 


  • Undertake development from concept to completed construction
  • Project management turnkey projects, crafted to your needs
  • Construct buildings
  • Provide valuable input on cost-effective design and construction
  • Provide a competent quantity surveying service
  • Negotiate the most competitive rates
  • Source and manage the most suitable subcontractors and suppliers

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