Re - evaluate your company – swot analysis

construction companiesWith the current decrease in the economy in construction sector, it is imperative that you reevaluate your business regularly. What makes SWOT especially effective for construction companies is that, with a little thought, it can help you reveal openings that you are all around put to abuse. What's more, by comprehension the shortcomings of your business, you can oversee and take out dangers that would some way or another catch you unprepared.

A swot analysis essentially entails 4 aspects: Considering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Below are some of the ways in which you can use it.

Strengths - Are building projects that your construction company does enormously well at and earns a better than traditional gross margin than give it an expertise over other contractors. What are they and how can your construction contracting corporation increase on them?

Weaknesses - Are building initiatives that your development enterprise does poorly at and breaks even or loses money. What are they and the way can your development contracting corporation flips them into strengths?

Possibilities - Are building projects and markets now not presently being served the place it's possible to your building enterprise to enter and switch them into strengths?

Threats - elements external your development enterprise that would motive quandary for you or your construction projects. What are they and how can your construction contracting company flip them into possibilities?

Competition in within construction companies is increasing and therefore a swot analysis is not optional.

Amoya has the skills and expertise to: 


  • Undertake development from concept to completed construction
  • Project management turnkey projects, crafted to your needs
  • Construct buildings
  • Provide valuable input on cost-effective design and construction
  • Provide a competent quantity surveying service
  • Negotiate the most competitive rates
  • Source and manage the most suitable subcontractors and suppliers

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