Elements of a successful safety program

Before starting any project, there are a few elements that need to be checked for safety, called a safety program that needs to be followed. Not all companies have the same safety programs to follow, but there are 5 components to keep in mind when setting up your safety program:

- Leadership Commitment
- Employee Engagement
- Exposure Assessment
- Hazard Prevention and Control
- Extra Safety Training

Leadership commitment during a safety program is a crucial point to be fully committed. It requires an unwavering approach to both financial efforts and adequate resource deployment.
The employees should also be engaged in the safety program as a team, involving all personnel to be equal.
It is critical for a company to be aware of the exposures that might pop up within the safety program, hence the exposure assessment is needed to be divided between employees as tasks to minimize any exposure.
In a safety program is will never be enough to just identifying any hazards in the workspace, but introducing control measures, based on careful consideration and research is a must.
A company can never risk having too little safety training for its employees. It is always good to have extra safety training in the safety program to prevent any losses.

Please make sure that your safety program is in order, before starting with any project.

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