Construction Industry Trends 2019

As many things in life, the construction industry also evolves and improves in many ways, of which many construction trends develop as well in the process.

Here are a few construction trends that are happening in 2019.

• Single-Design Models
In general, documents that are created by engineers usually are given to the contractors to adjust the information on the drawing according to their working process. But that is in most cases not how the process proceeds. Nowadays, time is most certainly of the essence and construction trends need to be implemented and with this, it all becomes in-house from engineering to coordination. Which means that models should go directly from engineering to construction.

• Materials
Materials are being recycled and reused in every way for our environment. For construction, it is not about how good the quality of a material is anymore, but also on how the material is being used for the construction process.

• Energy Efficiency
Everything is dependent on energy and it becomes more and more of a problem, especially here in South Africa. Energy consumption should thus be taken in regards to construction and systems should be implemented, such as systems that recover energy through heat wheels and occupancy sensors.

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