What Makes a Successful Construction Company

construction companies pretoriaWhen trying to get your construction company in Pretoria up and running , there are a few things to concentrate on, including: winning bids, creating working internal systems, and effectively accomplishing. With so much to get through, it is easy to loose track of your actual goals. Some amongst other things to consider in ensuring that you keep your goals in line are :

Proactive leadership

As the pioneer of your organization, it's essential that you assess what people really look for in terms of housing today, as well as what you think their needs will be tomorrow and align your company accordingly
Generally things in the construction industry change so quick that it's difficult to keep up. If by any chance you are not proactive in keeping up breast of development innovation, nobody will need to contract you.


It is essential to create meaningful relationships when doing business in general . The relations you create with different employees, suppliers, entrepreneurs, managers, and your sales representatives will influence the success of your organization.

Through years of experience, Amoya construction has mastered the art of attending to clients building and construction needs year in and year out.

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The Role of a Foreman in Construction

construction companyConstruction areas have all the earmarks of being disorganized areas with workers performing tasks from carpentry to water piping systems installations to electricity installation. They are loaded with tools, equipment and supplies. construction company Foremen are the project managers who guarantee that work there is done safely and effectively. These individuals must be experienced in construction and administration and compelling communicators to play out the obligations of the employment.

Foremen manage sites. This incorporates arranging work for the day and allotting specialists to essential tasks.


The foreman must guarantee a protected environment for the specialists. He should know and uphold the important safety measures under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.

Quality Assurance

The foreman must screen work around the site to guarantee it is quality work that will pass the required examinations.


The foreman records the work finished, including hours worked and materials utilized on every part of the venture.

Our construction company is staffed with skilled foreman with over years of experience. For assistance with your construction project, give us a call on 012 940 9959

The Role of Quantity Surveyors in Construction

quantity serveyorsThe Presence of quantity Surveyors has a major affect on the development tasks in a onstruction project. In the construction environment, a quantity surveyor's work is classified as:

Documentation settlement , soft valuations & processes, cash float forecasting, economic reporting, period in-between payments, settlement of contractual disputes, task control, preliminary value recommendation, value planning

A quantity Surveyor is the person who is accountable for all the parts of the financial sections of a project. Since construction companies in pretoria, like any other industry and company, places emphasis on earning a greater income and completing a project within the agreed time frame, the primary importance of quantity Surveyor is obtaining a certain amount of profit, securing cash flow for wok and preventing losses. Additionally, some amongst their very important task is restricting the level of the use of cash and supervising the way that it's being spent. Its is therefore essential that quantity Surveyors  show an in depth talent in terms of financing and economics in construction projects .

The Role of an Electrical Engineer in Construction

electrical engineering pretoriaThe role of a regular engineer in comparison to a role of an electrical engineer specifically in the construction industry have immense differences. Their roles amongst other things include

1) Designing of basic electrical design of the building
2) Addressing safety factors regarding the electrical designs
3) Makes provision for earthing pits.
4) Calculating the size of cable scheduling and the routes it is going to take
5) Ensuring protection systems are in place over all electrical units

Amongst other roles that the electrical engineer should fill, she/he must ensure that all electrical units and installation are legally compliant.

Amoya Construction sources the most price effecting electrical engineering consultation for building construction in Pretoria

Construction Project Manager

Constrcution companyHandling a construction project takes not only an organized and multitasking person but skills, experience and knowledge. Amoya is a construction company that is staffed with skilled project managers who strive to source the most affordable civil engineers, quantity surveyors and ensure that the construction company deliver projects in time.

Some of the duties of our construction project managers include:

1) Set up the estimates, budget and construction time table
2) They assist in sourcing the right skills for the projects (Architects, Engineers)
3) Co-ordinate the project from start to finish
4) Ensures the project complies with all building codes and any other legal or regulatory requirements
5) Liaise with clients throughout the construction project.

To book a consultation with one of our esteemed project managers send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amoya has the skills and expertise to: 


  • Undertake development from concept to completed construction
  • Project management turnkey projects, crafted to your needs
  • Construct buildings
  • Provide valuable input on cost-effective design and construction
  • Provide a competent quantity surveying service
  • Negotiate the most competitive rates
  • Source and manage the most suitable subcontractors and suppliers

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