Elements of a successful safety program

Before starting any project, there are a few elements that need to be checked for safety, called a safety program that needs to be followed. Not all companies have the same safety programs to follow, but there are 5 components to keep in mind when setting up your safety program:

- Leadership Commitment
- Employee Engagement
- Exposure Assessment
- Hazard Prevention and Control
- Extra Safety Training

Leadership commitment during a safety program is a crucial point to be fully committed. It requires an unwavering approach to both financial efforts and adequate resource deployment.
The employees should also be engaged in the safety program as a team, involving all personnel to be equal.
It is critical for a company to be aware of the exposures that might pop up within the safety program, hence the exposure assessment is needed to be divided between employees as tasks to minimize any exposure.
In a safety program is will never be enough to just identifying any hazards in the workspace, but introducing control measures, based on careful consideration and research is a must.
A company can never risk having too little safety training for its employees. It is always good to have extra safety training in the safety program to prevent any losses.

Please make sure that your safety program is in order, before starting with any project.

The importance of finishing up your projects

The importance of finishing up your projects in crucial in the construction industry. It shows that you are prepared to go the extra mile for your client.

Putting the final touches the projects you worked on and that you have spent so much time on, shows potential clients that you not only care for your people, but also for what you do and how much you put into your work. It shows good work ethic and interest from your side to the client and after all, your projects are your window to your capabilities, it is the legacy that you leave behind. The importance of finishing up is so crucial because it keeps the clients coming back to you.

Take care of your business. Take care of your projects.

Amoya Construction Company South Africa

Amoya Construction is your go-to construction company in south africa that focuses on all types of projects. Since 1996, Amoya Construction has grown into a professional and well known business. The growth at Amoya Construction has been the result of building long-term relationships based on trust, customer service, sound ethics and professionalism.

clients and projects

Here are some of Amoya Construction's completed projects

Warehouse & Office Projects

  • Gardens of Italy, Kyalami
  • Seagrams, Kyalami
  • Telkom, Marlboro
  • Total Hygiene, Marlboro
  • Den Braven, Randburg
  • Mistrys, Kya Sand
  • Clarins South Africa, Crown Mines
  • Servochem, Jetpark
  • Krohne South Africa, Midrand
  • Prompt Pac, Jetpark
  • Tillbury Business Park, Midrand
  • Sinqtec, Midrand
  • Iveco South Africa, Mirand.

Office blocks

  • Midrand Hightech Village, Midrand
  • GMB Office, Fourways
  • AT & T Offices, Sandton
  • Route 21 Offices, Irene
  • Nictus, Randburg
  • First National Bank, Johannesburg CBD
  • Erand, Midrand
  • Iscar South Africa, Edenval.

Office, showrooms & motor workshops

  • Bakos Brothers, Hyde Park
  • Glicks Furniture, Bruma Lake
  • Peugeot Centurion, Centurion
  • Cargo Care, Germiston
  • Nissan SA, Midrand & Roslyn.

Alterations, refurbishments & tenant installations

  • South Africa Reserve Bank, Pretoria CBD
  • Gearbox Doctor, Midrand
  • Nedtel Nashua, Midrand
  • Nissan South Africa, Midrand & Rosslyn
  • FNB, Johanneburg CBD
  • Minolta, Mirand
  • Peugeot, Centurion & Northcliff
  • Ocean Basket, Eastgate
  • Bank City, Johannesburg CBD
  • Nictus, Randburg
  • Liberty, Sandton
  • Comair Hangers, Lanseria
  • ABI, Benrose & Devland.

Hospitals & clinics

  • Kendon Medical Clinic, Marlboro
  • Marlboro
  • Frikkie Potgieter Eye Clinic, Pretoria
  • Lagae Paediatric Unit, Shoshanguwe
  • Johannesburg Eye Clinic, Northcliff.

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Amoya Construction Office Renovations Company

The office environment under which employees work are considered to provide stimulation to employees and clients, and office renovations are proven to increase employee morale and productivity. 

Constrcution companyAmoya Construction offeres expert and professional office renovations, with Amoya Construction the transformation and refurbishing of your office environment and space will be done to the highest standard and expertise.

Amoya Construction offers some great advice for Office Renovations:

Select a Trustworthy Office Renovations Company in Pretoria,

Select key individuals within your company to assist with the project management, this will ensure great feedback from your employees as it takes their needs into consideration,

Take the time to clearly map out what your office renovation requires, which tasks will be best suited for your office space and which not,

Along with Amoya Construction, your go to Office Renovations Company in Pretoria, design and approve the new and improved office look.

At Amoya Construction we understand that each renovation process is unique, contact Amoya Construction to speak to an Office Renovations consultant in Pretoria.

Expert Turnkey Projects and Services

At Amoya Construction we offer complete turnkey building and construction projects to suit all our client's needs.


Amoya Construction offers the following expertise free of charge:

Meeting clients to discuss all the building requirements.

Providing clients with an accurate feasibility, indicatingthe complete developmental cost of the building.

Designing and constructing a building in such a manner that the project will be a profitable income generater should you wish not to use the building for yourself.

Assisting clients in locating the most economic consultants for each project, including but not limited to the following:


Civil and Structural Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Fire Consultants

Offer in-house project management and quantity surveying services ensuring a profitable and functional construction

Assist clients in all council reuirements to ensure that the building complies with all the legal and SABS requirements

Assist in obtaining financial assistance for clients' building projects


At Amoya Construction we offer the utmost expert service in all our fields, including Quality Surveying, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Fire Consultants.

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Amoya has the skills and expertise to: 


  • Undertake development from concept to completed construction
  • Project management turnkey projects, crafted to your needs
  • Construct buildings
  • Provide valuable input on cost-effective design and construction
  • Provide a competent quantity surveying service
  • Negotiate the most competitive rates
  • Source and manage the most suitable subcontractors and suppliers

  • Amoya


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